Product Review: Dr Lipp

I’ve been looking forward to writing this review for ages, and I’m so pleased I’ve finally got round to it. Dr Lipp is my favourite beauty product, let me explain why…


I first tried Dr Lipp Nipple Balm for lips about 18 months ago. I received a sample sized balm in a beauty box. As with all my beauty box samples, I gave it a try straight away. As the name suggests, the balm was initially created for nipples. It’s become so popular in recent years, specifically amongst make-up artists, as it also doubles up as a fantastic lip balm and moisturiser.

I began using it as a lip balm. It’s made from 100% medical grade lanolin. It’s thick and greasy in texture, sort of like petroleum jelly, but a but more viscous. If you’re looking for a light lip balm for a touch of moisture, this is not really for you, unless in very small doses. This is a heavy lip product, and works absolute wonders on a case of dry, chapped lips. It also works fantastically well on dry skin. I’ve applied it to dry patches on my face and arms, and it just works wonders. I’ve also mixed a tiny bit of it with lipstick to make a soft gloss.

It has quickly become my favourite product in my makeup bag. After exhausting the sample sized tube, I bought the full size, and I use it all the time. Whether it’s on my lips for some added moisture, mixed with a lipstick, as an intense body moisturiser or even in some make-up looks for a dewy finish, this little wonder rarely leaves my side.

Dr Lipp Nipple Balm for Lips is something I really can’t recommend enough. It has fixed dry lips overnight, a split lip in a day, and given me a new make-up product to play around with. You can find out more information on Dr Lipp and where the nipple balm is stocked here. Have any of you had a similar experience to me with this fabulous product?





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