Perfect Pinks: My Lush Favourites

Lush. It’s one of my favourite cosmetics retailers ever. Animal friendly, pure, raw ingredients and gorgeous products. I popped into a Lush store whilst I was shopping this weekend, just to grab some new bits and bobs. I came away with two absolute favourites of mine, and I’ve also dug out a couple of old gems to share with you…


The first of my new purchases was the all time best Lush product in the world (in my opinion of course!) the Comforter bath bomb. If you’ve never tried this before, you need to. It’s super! It smells a bit like Vimto squash, with raspberries and vanilla. And it turns the bath water bright pink, which is never a bad thing! I really can’t recommend this enough!

To my excitement, I discovered they now make a Comforter shower gel. Amazeballsssss! Now, I don’t have to wait to bath to use it! I tried it out this morning and it’s just awesome. A bright fuschia pink, with glitter in it as well, and the most amazing scent. What’s not to love?!

Next up, a couple of old favourites of mine. Rose Jam shower gel: a thick, syrup like consistency, with a lovely, heavy Rose smell. If you like floral scents rather than sweet, this is great. And for after the shower: Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner. This nutty, floral butter is so light and creamy, it makes for a great body lotion. I love putting it on my arms and legs. They smell great and feel super soft. Win win!

Lush has always been a shop that gives me so much delight. Firstly, the smell that hits you when you walk in. It always just smells amazing in there! The staff also make it a great place. They’re always so informative and helpful. The products are just awesome as well. The range on offer is vast, and the natural, herbal ingredients they use make for a unique, refreshing, and increasing popular product. If you’ve never been to Lush, I’d really recommend a visit. If you have, I’d love to hear your thoughts and favourite products below!








4 thoughts on “Perfect Pinks: My Lush Favourites

  1. I never walked into a Lush store because strong aromas can make me sneeze, so of course I start sneezing like crazy if I just walk by it LOL I’m going to try surviving a trip there though, I’ve been dying to try the bath bombs, and now that the temperature is dropping it will be a perfect time for long, comforting baths 🙂

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