A Birthday Full of Lush

Last week was a special one for me, as it featured my 22nd birthday. Apart from the dreadful British weather, it was a really lovely day, and I was spoiled rotten! One of my particularly favourite presents was a bag full of Lush goodies, featuring something very special…


First up, the Brightside Bubble Bar. I’d not had this one before, but I love citrussy scents so my boyfriend new this was the perfect choice for me! It really is the most gorgeous, zesty, orangey smell ever! I literally can’t stop smelling it, it’s just divine! And the colour, well, I just love it. Super bright orange with a yellow swirl running through it. If you like citrus scents rather than floral or musky ones, you must give this a try! And if you don’t…well I’d say try it anyway!


The most exciting part of my little Lush package was something totally new to me. A Lush Spa gift voucher. Yes – LUSH SPA! If you are as obsessed with Lush as I am and you don’t know yet that Lush has opened a chain of spas I can imagine you’ll be pretty excited by this news. They have spas in London, Bath, Edinburgh and a few other places, so check out their website here if you’re interested!


I have been gifted ‘The Comforter?’ spa treatment. As you may know from my previous post on Lush, The Comforter is my ultimate favourite Lush product. The treatment is described as ’60 minutes of pure imagination, full of candyfloss, fantasy and bittersweet cacao kisses’. I’ll enjoy a hot chocolate body scrub and nourishing rose body serum. Sounds pretty amazing to me!

I literally can’t wait to get this all booked up, and I’ll most definitely do a blog post on the whole experience, so keep an eye out for it!




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