Jo Malone: The Cologne Collection

A little while back when I was travelling, I popped into the Jo Malone store at Gatwick Airport, looking to pick up a new scent for my holiday. Not exactly sure what I was after, I tried a variety of fruity, floral, citrus and musky scents, ending up completely undecided. It was then that I came across this beautiful little set: a collection of five of Jo Malone’s popular scents.


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Fragrance Friday: Chloe Signature Parfum

For today’s post, I decided to go back to a weekly feature I used to do way back last summer, called ‘Fragrance Friday’. Over the past few months, my fragrance collection has been changing and expanding, so I thought it a nice idea to reintroduce this weekly feature!

I’m starting with one of my new favourites: Chloe Signature Eau De Parfum by Chloe. I was bought this for Christmas, and have worn it so much. The top notes are freesia and peony. Peony is one of my favourite scents, and I actually have a lovely Jo Malone perfume containing it too. This beautiful Chloe parfum also has notes of Lily, Magnolia and Rose, so it’s super floral.


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